Melon House Party – Podcast on the Wondery App

Melons House Party- Featured on the Wondery App

Hello My House of Moms!

 I have a new Podcast that we have been listening to these past couple of weeks. It’s perfect for all my moms who know all the lyrics to Let it Go or Your Welcome, Momma this is for you. 

It’s called Melon’s House Party and it’s perfect for parents that have children ages 5-12 years old. The interactions in the 30 mins segment are fun and engaging. My Kiddos love dancing and Singing. So the podcast is right up their alley. It has original music so it’s nothing they have heard of yet. Of course Freya is only 2 but I was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to mimic her sister in listening to rather than watching on the  screen. #ChallengeAccepted 

Melon’s House Party  has episodes every Wednesday but you can also subscribe to get early access. We are almost caught up on all of them. They usually listen to about 15 mins before they go to bed so you could always split the episodes in increments like I do.  Family Friendly and a great time in our house. From the music to the crazy pup named Melon’s. Her adventures are a must in my house.

Check them out here .  Wherever you podcast just search Melon’s House Party !


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